Urban Sustainability- Team Leaders

The Urban Sustainability Project is directed by Tami Gavrieli, Director of the JIIS’ Sustainability Research Center. Valerie Brachya is the professional consultant to the project.  Galit Raz-Dror is the coordinator, supported by Inbar Gordon, Er'ela Ganan and Leila Collins. Orit Nevo is the Project's media consultant.

For the first two years of the project the team consulted with a variety of experts for academic context as well as the management of urban labs including: Yoav Egozi (Tel Aviv University), Sharon Band (Tel Aviv- Yafo Municipality),  Dr. Lia Etinger (Heschel Centrer), Prof. Er'el Avineri (Afeka College), Prof. Yodan Rofe (Ben-Gurion University), Idit El-Hasid (community), Hagai Kot (Academic College Tel Aviv YafoDr. Yael Parag (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya), Michal Eitan (Bezalel Academy), Dr. Shay Ben Yosef (Complex Navigation), Dr. Meidad Kissinger (Ben-Gurion University), Nimrod Dweck (Hebrew University) and Dr. Roby Nathanson (Macro Center for Economic Policy).

Tami Gavrieli

מנהלת פרויקט קיימות עירונית, מכון ירושלים לחקר ישראל

Tamar Gavrieli has 30 years of urban planning experience. From 1992-2013 she served as the head of the Strategic Planning Unit in the Municipality of Tel-Aviv Yafo. During her time there she led the creation of the first Strategic Plan for the City of Tel-Aviv in 2005. Under Ms. Gavrieli's leadership, the Tel-Aviv Strategic Planning unit helped decision makers lead the city to be the central business and cultural center of the State of Israel, while encouraging sustainable development principles.

Since May 2013, Ms. Gavrieli has worked as a consultant. She has consulted for several local authorities as well as the Ministry of Interior for projects that include comprehensive and long term planning, public participation, and urban regeneration. Currently, she is the head of the Sustainable Research Center at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies where she leads the "Urban Sustainability Project" with experts and researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

For more information in Hebrew- עוד על תמי גבריאלי

Valerie Brachya

ולרי ברכיה Valerie Brachya Valerie Brachya spearheaded environmental planning in Israel. As the former Director of the Center for Environmental Policy at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies  and the former Senior Director General for Policy and Planning of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Israel, she has been at the forefront of sustainable policy domestically and internationally for decades. She influenced policy as a member of the National Board for Planning and Building and numerous national level planning committees. Following the Rio Global Summit she promoted sustainable development and led the governmental process for a sustainability strategy following the Johannesburg Global Summit.
Ms Brachya represented Israel's sustainable agendas abroad for decades. While Israel was joining the OECD, Ms. Brachya led the environmental section. She also represented Israel at United Nations forums including the United Nations Environmental Program. Finally she both led and participated in the environmental aspects of bilateral or international negotiations concerning the Middle East.
Since retiring from the government, Ms. Brachya has continued to consult for the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, where she has promoted a range of research studies on environmental policy, the flagship project of which was the initiation and management of a multi disciplinary team who prepared a Sustainability Outlook for Israel 2030  She also lectures on sustainability and environmental planning at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at Tel Aviv University.

For more information in Hebrew- עוד על ולרי ברכיה

Literature Review on Sustainable Lifestyles  by Valerie Brachya

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