About the Urban Sustainability Project

Starting May 2013 The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS) initiated a comprehensive 3 year project that addresses the critical state of the environment, it seeks to identify solutions in ways not seen in previous studies. As the Urban Sustainability Project view cities as the focus of most human activity, it will identify how patterns of behavior in cities could be transformed into more sustainable lifestyles. Attention is given to sociological factors and behavioral sciences, as opposed to the more usual focus on environmental sciences and economic parameters.

The project is a continuation of the major “Israel Sustainability Outlook 2030” project, which was completed by JIIS and the Ministry for Environmental Protection. Strategic recommendations of “2030” stressed the need for developing models for “sustainable urban lifestyles.”

Urban Sustainability starts out from a now-widely recognized understanding that, despite increased resource efficiency in production processes and the promotion of pro-environmental products, the world is still far from attaining the targets necessary for the protection of planetary ecosystems for future generations. The focus of this research is on patterns of human behavior which could enable people to live a high, but yet sustainable, quality of life. Its goals include building long-term models for sustainable lifestyles.

The project is accompanied by a steering committee, with experts from the public and business sectors, local authorities and civic organizations.

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